Made in USA  US Patent No. 8,212.146
a BETTER Outlet Cover
    Cover the entire outlet    Exact wall color match    Simple and quick
The coverPlug is a molded, paintable
panel that "plugs" into an electrical
outlet.  It is held securely in place
by posts on the back that align with
the ground openings.
Paintable Outlet Cover
"These have to be one of the best
products I've seen in LONG time!"

Stacey Moore, allbecausetwo
peoplefellinlove blog

"Awesome, I can't wait to test
this with my 20 month old son..
he takes those lil cap covers out
of the outlets!"
Kristinia Clos,
lovingheartmommy blog

"Just having the temptation of
the uncovered plug disappear
would've helped me."
Frazier, MommyLounge blog

"I love the fact that they are
paintable to match the walls
 Trisha Parker,
sweetnsassygirls blog
Out of sight ... Out of mind!
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